Sample Code: ServiceStack API + Rabbit C# demo
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ServiceStack API + Rabbit

docker run -d --hostname rabbit --name rabbit -p 8080:15672 -p 5672:5672 rabbitmq:3-management


Service.Api Service.Api.Models CreateAccount CreateAccountResponse

Service.Tenant TenantService UserService

Service.Tenant.Models CreateTenant CreateTenantResponse TenantCreatedEvent AddUserToTenant AddUserToTenantResponse TenantCreatedEvent TenantUpdatedEvent

Service.User Service.User.Models CreateUser CreateUserResponse UserCreatedEvent

mkdir src mkdir src/Api mkdir src/Api.Host mkdir src/Api.Models mkdir src/Services.Host mkdir src/Services.Tenant mkdir src/Services.Tenant.Models mkdir src/Services.User mkdir src/Services.User.Models

cd src/Api dotnet new --type lib cd ../../

cd src/Api.Models dotnet new --type lib cd ../../

cd src/Api.Host dotnet new --type console cd ../../

cd src/Services.Host dotnet new --type console cd ../../

cd src/Services.Tenant dotnet new --type lib cd ../../

cd src/Services.Tenant.Models dotnet new --type lib cd ../../

cd src/Services.User dotnet new --type lib cd ../../

cd src/Services.User.Models dotnet new --type lib cd ../../