A modular snake robot that uses the arduino
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Arduino code/Snake
Circuit Diagram



This is a snake-like module robot that uses a PS2 remote to control the robot's motion and uses a android phone to perform higher computation such as computer vision and machine learning. The snake robot can be as long as you want.

This robot uses the arduino board, preferably the arduino pro mini for it's small size. This robot can be controlled by just one arduino board, however if you want a longer snake robot you can use multiply arduino boards. You can do this by changing the settings in the code.

You can find the app for android phone in the "Robot Controller" repository.

Design (In progress)

The 3D prints for the master and slave modules are in the design folder. These designs were made with Autodesk 123d Designs, so please download that to view or change the design files. I have also included the STL files if youwant to directly print these out. Print these with the following settings if you are using Makerware, and it will be almost the same if your using ReplicatorG.

Infill: 100% Number of Shells: 2 Layer Height: 0.10mm

Download Link: http://www.123dapp.com/design#download

Circuit diagrams

You can find these in the circuit diagram foler. This is made with Fritzing Version 0.9.0 so download that version.

Download Link: http://fritzing.org/download/?donation=0