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Redmine Wysiwyg Textile Editor

A TinyMCE test application for Textile wiki pages.

Currently this is a test version for in-house use only since there is a few issues that need to be sorted out regarding the conversion to and from textile and other security issues. If you stick to simple textile formatting it's not a problem, but when it comes to images and macros that's another issue.

A better option would be to write a javascript wysiwyg editor for redmine like the one used in Trac.


  1. Copy the plugin directory into the vendor/plugins directory (make sure the name is redmine_wysiwyg_textile)
  2. Start Redmine
  3. Change text formatting (Administration > Settings > General > Text formatting) to "textile wysiwyg"


When editing a wiki page a radio button will be displayed below the Save button. This radio button allows the user to switch between the standard redmine textile editor and the tinymce wysiwyg editor.


12 Oct 2010 - v0.11 - fixed bug related to saving raw html in Wysiwyg mode. 14 Oct 2010 - v0.12 - preview now works in wysiwyg mode. 14 Oct 2010 - v0.13 - preview now works for google chrome and IE 14 Oct 2010 - v0.14 - removed P. from html to textile, replaced with just a return (\n)