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N64 Bare Metal Code by krom (Peter Lemon).

All code compiles out of box with the bass assembler by byuu.
I use a special version of bass by ARM9 which has been updated with N64 MIPS/RSP/RDP output:
I have included binaries of all the demos.

Special thanks to gbaguy/n64guy/asmguy, who with his tutorials, helped me get into N64 Coding =D
Please check out cen64, a cycle accurate N64 Emulator by MarathonMan, & his RSP Assembler:
Also I'd like to thank marshallh, who designed the 64drive, the best development cartridge for the N64.

Howto Compile:
All the code compiles into a single binary (ROMNAME.N64) file.
Using bass Run: make.bat

Howto Run:
I only test with a real N64 using a 64drive Cartridge by marshallh from Retroactive:

You can also use N64 emulators like cen64 & the MAME N64 Driver.


N64 Bare Metal Mips Assembly Programming



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