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Raspberry Pi, Raspberry Pi 2 & Raspberry Pi 3 Bare Metal Code by krom (Peter Lemon).

All code compiles out of box with the FASMARM assembler by revolution:
I have included binaries of all the demos.

Special thanks to Dex (Craig Bamford), who helped me get my 1st pixel on the screen =D
Please check out DexOS, a lightning fast bare metal OS, & his Raspberry Pi port of DexBasic:

Also special thanks to phire, who helped me get my 1st triangle on the screen using the GPU =D

Also special thanks to Jaymin Kessler, who helped me get my 1st textured triangle on the screen using the GPU =D
Please check out his blog, especially for info on bare metal GPU programming on the Raspberry Pi:

Also special thanks to rst, who helped me get my 1st SMP demo running using all 4 CPU cores of the Raspberry Pi 2 =D
Please check out Circle by rst, a C++ bare metal environment (with USB) for Raspberry Pi 1 & 2:

For more information about coding the ARM CPU please visit my webpage that I run with SimonB:

Howto Compile:
All the code compiles into a single binary (kernel.img for Raspberry Pi, kernel7.img for Raspberry Pi 2
or kernel8.img for Raspberry Pi 3) file.
Using FASMARM open up kernel.asm for Raspberry Pi, kernel7.asm for Raspberry Pi 2 or kernel8.asm for Raspberry Pi 3 & click the Run/Compile button.

Howto Run:
I only test with the latest bleeding edge firmware:

You will need these 2 files:

You will need to create a "config.txt" file that contains the lines:

Check for more info about config options.
Check for the config.txt file.

Once you have all these files ready, you can copy them & a kernel.img (Raspberry Pi), a kernel7.img (Raspberry Pi 2)
or a kernel8.img (Raspberry Pi 3) file to the root of an SD card.

All of my demos use a maximum resolution of 640x480, they have been tested using composite & HDMI.

All sound demos output to the 3.5" Phone Jack. Thanks to ne7 for the sound sample.


Raspberry Pi Bare Metal Assembly Programming



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