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(this is something like a "grocery store" of scripts for different purposes)

alive_start.sh (target: FRITZ!OS device)

  • send a heartbeat signal (simply a HTTP request) to the server set up in the (first) configured DynDNS account
  • needs a method to decode the encrypted credentials for the DynDNS account, you can use https://github.com/PeterPawn/decoder for this purpose

juis_check (target: any Linux system or bash on Windows 10)

  • a POSIX compatible shell script to check AVM's update info service for a newer version
  • needs a 'nc' binary or the 'nc' applet from BusyBox, which isn't contained in AVM's original firmware anymore (except for the 6490)

juischeckupdate (target: any Linux system, but not the Windows 10 bash)

  • another script to check for updates
  • this one needs a 'bash' shell supporting network access via '/dev/tcp' and no 'nc' implementation is used here

Have a look at this thread regarding checks with this new service:


resetsigned (target: FRITZ!OS device)

  • reset the tainted flag on a FRITZ!OS device, if it is set … may be called periodically and will only lead to an additional TFFS write access, if it's necessary

unique_id (target: FRITZ!OS device)

  • get a random character string with a specified length (only 0-9 and a-f are contained there) or get a really (globally) unique ID, if guid is specified as first parameter and kernel's random device provides the needed procfs entry (/proc/sys/kernel/random/uuid)

waitconnected (target: FRITZ!OS device)

  • wait a specified time until the WAN connection of a FRITZ!Box device was established
  • if the timeout value is omitted, it checks the state only once and may be used as a detector for an established connection

waittimeset (target: FRITZ!OS device)

  • wait a specified time (or indefinite) until the FRITZ!OS device has gotten a valid date and time
  • may be used to delay the start of services, which need a valid date and time (e.g. 'cron' or a service with a (real) certificate check)

parseJSON (target: any bash installation, where JSON data was read from a FRITZ!OS device)

  • parse the output of 'query.lua' into an array of bash variables for further processing

prowl (target: any bash installation)

rle_decode.c (target: usually cross-build system(s) for FRITZ!OS devices)

  • a simple C utility to decode firmware images from AVM's recovery programs, newer versions store them with run-length encoding