modify firmware for NAND-flash based FRITZ!Box routers and install it on such a device
Clone or download

If you're looking for any version of 'modfs' to modify the firmware of your FRITZ!OS device, please use the current version from

If you want any older versions due to any good reason, you may checkout it yourself from the GitHub repository at

and prepare a TAR file for the FRITZ!OS device or use any other way to transfer the files to your device.

Please keep in mind, that you have to use a filesystem, which handles Unix access control rights correctly, to unpack and/or store the provided files. Do not use an USB storage volume with FAT or NTFS format here.

It's not possible to download from a HTTPS URL (like GitHub) to a device with firmware from AVM, because the 'wget' applet doesn't support TLS and AVM's own 'httpsdl' utility is a little bit shy with its options and I wasn't able to persuade it to a direct download from

  • that's why I provide a mirror for the archive file, which is reachable without a TLS connection.

But only the latest (or better: the most recent) version will be provided here from now on.