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+This is a very simple library for implementing a Min-Heap or Priority Queue
+in plain C. It should be very understandable, and is a useful reference for
+people who are learning C or want to understand the binary heap data structure.
+This implementation makes use of a plain array to store the table. It supports
+resizing (growing and shrinking) and does this by simply doubling or halving the
+array size when appropriate. This was make as a counter part to a different project,
+[c-minheap-indirect]( which utilizes
+an indirection table to increase memory efficiency. This is an important distinction
+when the number of elements is very large, as this implementation will have large amounts
+of wasted space, and relies on expensive doubling operations, while the indirect
+implementation has very cheap resizing operations and wastes less than a single
+page worth of memory.
+# Using the library
+To use the library you only need to include the heap.h header, and
+link against the heap.c file. There is nothing fancy required.
+# Testing the library
+Included in the project is a file main.c which serves as a simple test file.
+We randomly generate a large number of keys (variable, default to 10M), and
+insert them into our heap. We then extract the keys and verify they are ordered.
+To test this, just run `make` and then run the test program.

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