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Caprice: multi-user text editing

It seems like everybody's working on multi-user realtime document editing from Google's now-defunct Wave, to Etherpad, to whatever others are springing up today. I haven't found any that are a good general platform for third parties to build on. Caprice is my attempt to make something that you can add to your own apps if you need to synchronize a document state.

It's a little rough right now, but there's a demo you can play with that will give a simple text editor (technically, a textarea) which several people can edit at once. To run it, first make sure you have the prerequisites:

npm install coffee-script paperboy redis simplesets uuid
git clone git://
npm link pubsubcore
git clone git://
cd caprice

That make was to compile and minify the client JavaScript, which is created by bundling together a lot of JS files in client/ with Google's Closure Compiler.

Now, run a couple of daemons:

redis-server &
python patcher/ &
coffee server/ &

Turn your browser to http://localhost:8124 to try it out. To see the very minimal source code needed to include a shared textarea in your HTML file, see server/webroot/index.html and behold the simplicity.

Note that this is a pre-alpha double-plus-unrelease. You have been warned. That said, it's also a lot of fun, and potentially very useful.