A pure Haskell interface to the Tokyo Tyrant database server via its binary protocol
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Pure Haskell interface to Tokyo Tyrant

Haskell-tyrant is a client library for Tokyo Tyrant. It uses the binary protocol for efficiency.


A simple example assuming you've got ttserver running at the default location

module Main where

import Database.TokyoTyrant
import Data.ByteString.Lazy.Char8 (pack)

defaultHost = "localhost"
defaultPort = "1978"

main = do
    let k = pack "mykey"
    let v = pack "myval"
    conn <- openConnection defaultHost defaultPort
    result <- putValue conn k v
    --should be "success"
    print result
    g <- getValue conn k
    print g
    -- remove the record created above
    out conn k
    -- close connection to server
    closeConnection conn