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A trivial graph database, with Python and Tokyo Cabinet
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Trivial graph database

This is a graph database in Python, built on top of Tokyo Cabinet. It's designed for simplicity, rather than features or speed, but it should have very reasonable speed anyway, if your needs aren't too complicated. As you might imagine, that speed derives entirely from Tokyo Cabinet, rather than from my own efforts.

It supports directed graphs with positive integer weights. Each vertex is uniquely identified by a string. Vertices have string properties associated with them; each vertex is essentially a dict. The keys must be strings, but the values can be anything which can be serialized by Python's cPickle module.

Each database is stored in a file, preferably with the .tcb extension. The rest of the API can be found in


from trivialgraphdb import GraphDb
g = GraphDb('foo.tcb')          # Open database
# Set weight of edge from node 'foo' to node 'bar'
g.set_edge_weight('foo', 'bar', 40)
print g.get_edge_weight('foo', 'bar') # => 40
g.incr_edge_weight('foo', 'bar', 2)
print g.get_edge_weight('foo', 'bar') # => 42

harry = g['Harry Potter']       # Get one vertex
harry['mentor'] = 'Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore'
harry['friends'] = set(['Ronald Weasley', 'Hermione Granger'])
print harry
# => {'friends': set(['Hermione Granger', 'Ronald Weasley']), 
#     'mentor': 'Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore'}


There are two dependencies:

Once you have these, just import trivialgraphdb and use it.


This code is public domain. Fork it as much as you like, with my blessing.

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