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Top 5 Ways to Extend Laptop’s Battery Life

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Keep the laptop cool

Ensure that the vents of a laptop are unobstructed. The vents are laptop features precisely designed to help cool the device and its battery when in operation. Always allow plenty of airflow when using your laptop and put it on a raised stand, never on cushions or pillows. The vents have to be cleaned regularly too using compressed air while the laptop isn’t in operation.

Rest the batteries

Remove the battery if you are going to work exclusively on AC power for an extended period of time. The constant recharging and discharging will wear out the battery if it isn’t removed. The charging process also heats it up, further jeopardizing its lifespan. Be sure though that the battery is half-charged when it is removed as it will lose power over time even if it is unused and uninstalled.

Don’t drain the power

Newer laptop models now shut down before their power battery source completely drains. This new design feature prevents users from straining and weakening the battery with apps like live wallpapers app iphone xs, which occurs when every drop of juice is squeezed out of the power source. If this happens frequently, the lifespan of the battery will be shortened considerably.

Reduce PC screen brightness

Prolong battery life between charges by dimming the laptop’s screen to the level you can comfortably work with. An hour at the most will likely be added to the normal four-hour laptop battery charge with this simple step. It will save a lot of power as the laptop’s backlight consume much of it.

Tweak the Hardware/Software

Shut off your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi receiver if you don’t need an Internet connection on a current task. The laptop’s antivirus and firewall can also be turned off since you are not using the Internet. Rely solely on the laptop’s built-in features and drop use of an external mouse or similar devices. Mute the sound system too and only have the program or application, such as word processor, you need for a particular chore running. Reserve your multitasking, like photo editing while watching YouTube, only when you are directly connected to AC power.

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