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Interceptor dll for the improvement of Dark Souls PC
C C++
branch: master

Version 2.2

- Updated AA, SSAO and screenshot functionality to be compatible with
latest Dark Souls version
- Screenshots are now stored as PNG
- Reduced number of state changes with AA and SSAO enabled
- Added "VSSAO2" AO option (based on a configuration contributed by
latest commit 1cb2594574
@PeterTh authored
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DATA Version 2.2
lib Added 60 FPS mod, dds texture loading, tweak SSAO
.gitignore Initial commit
Actions.def Added pausing action
AreaTex.h Initial commit
DEVREADME.txt Initial commit
DSfix.sln Initial commit
DSfix.v11.suo Version 2.2
DSfix.vcxproj Updated project file
Detouring.cpp Unlocked framerate, various tweaks
Detouring.h Unlocked framerate, various tweaks
Effect.cpp Initial commit
Effect.h Initial commit
FPS.cpp Updated addresses for new patch
FPS.h Adjusted to double for long-term stability, added pausing
FXAA.cpp Version 1.8
FXAA.h Version 1.8
GAUSS.cpp Initial commit
GAUSS.h Initial commit
Hash.h Initial commit
Hud.cpp Fixed HUD issues, improved FPS limiter+threshold
Hud.h Initial commit
KeyActions.cpp Version 1.9
KeyActions.h Initial commit
Keys.def Initial commit
LICENSE.txt Initial commit
RenderstateManager.cpp Version 2.2
RenderstateManager.h Cleaned RSManager, added pausing
SMAA.cpp Initial commit
SMAA.h Initial commit
SSAO.cpp Version 2.2
SSAO.h Version 2.2
SaveManager.cpp Initial commit
SaveManager.h Initial commit
SearchTex.h Initial commit
Settings.cpp Version 2.0.1
Settings.def Version 2.0.1
Settings.h Version 1.8
TODO.txt Initial commit
Textures.def Initial commit
WindowManager.cpp Version 1.9
WindowManager.h Initial commit
d3d9.cpp Unlocked framerate, various tweaks
d3d9.h Initial commit
d3d9dev.cpp Version 2.0.1
d3d9dev.h Initial commit
d3d9int.cpp Unlocked framerate, various tweaks
d3d9int.h Unlocked framerate, various tweaks
d3dutil.cpp Initial commit
d3dutil.h Initial commit
dinput.h Initial commit
dinput8.def Initial commit
dinputWrapper.cpp Initial commit
dinputWrapper.h Initial commit
main.cpp Version 1.9
main.h Version 2.2
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