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An online Tetris Diagram Generator. Rewrite from Tetris-Diagram-Generator

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TeDiGe-2 is an online Tetris Diagram Generator. A bit like fumen, a bit like tage, except the comments are written in english (... sort of) instead of Japanese. It makes heavy use of the < Canvas > element.

Examples / Demo

See this for a practical example. For how to use the editor, see this wiki page.


To use TeDiGe-2, you need to generate some TeDiGe-2 code and display it somewhere. You should have this folder structure similar to this:

|- res
  |---- lot of stuff
|- jquery.js
|- editor.html
|- tedige-editor.css
|- tedige-editor.min.js
|- tedige-inline.min.js
|- tedige-viewer.css
|- tedige-viewer.min.js
|- viewer.html

Setting up the editor

Simply open editor.html . Note that the "get editor/viewer string" function assumes that viewer.html and editor.html are in the same folder.

Displaying the diagrams in your page

In your header place

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" src="viewer.cs" />
<script src="jquery.js"></script> <!-- You can ignore this if you're already using it somewhere else -->
<script src="tedige-the-inline.min.js"></script>

Doing so will convert any div in your page that look like

<div id="UNIQUE_ID" class="tedige-playfield-wrapper" data-tedigecode="TEDIGE_CODE"></div>

into the corresponding nicely formatted canvas. UNIQUE_ID is, you guessed it, an unique ID, and TEDIGE_CODE is a mumbo-jumbo of a string generated by the editor. Please note the usage of the custom attribute data-tedigecode. See example.html for some practical example.

You can edit viewer.css to style the diagram at your convenience. The canonical html code is:

<div id="UNIQUE_ID" class="tedige-playfield-wrapper" data-tedigecode="TEDIGE_CODE">
    <div class="left-pane">';
        <div class="nexthold-container">';
            <canvas id="'+UNIQUE_ID+'-nexthold-background"  width="97" height="32" style="z-index:0;"></canvas>';
            <canvas id="'+UNIQUE_ID+'-nexthold" width="97" height="32" style="z-index:1;"></canvas>';
        <div class="canvas-container" id="'+UNIQUE_ID+'-container border-gray">';
            <canvas id="'+UNIQUE_ID+'-border"       width="97" height="177" style="z-index:0;background-color: black"></canvas>';
            <canvas id="'+UNIQUE_ID+'-background"   width="97" height="177" style="z-index:1;//background-color: black"></canvas>';
            <canvas id="'+UNIQUE_ID+'-inactive"  width="97" height="177" style="z-index:2; border:none; opacity: 0.65"></canvas>';
            <canvas id="'+UNIQUE_ID+'-whiteborder" width="97" height="177" style="z-index:3"></canvas>';
            <canvas id="'+UNIQUE_ID+'-active"       width="97" height="177" style="z-index:4"></canvas>';
            <canvas id="'+UNIQUE_ID+'-deco"         width="97" height="177" style="z-index:5"></canvas>';
            <canvas id="'+UNIQUE_ID+'-decoPin"   width="97" height="177" style="z-index:6; border:none; opacity: 0.65;display:none"></canvas>';
            <canvas id="'+UNIQUE_ID+'-preview"      width="97" height="177" style="z-index:6"></canvas>';
        <div class="control-div">';
        <canvas class="canvas-control" id="'+UNIQUE_ID+'-control" width="97" height="35" style=""></canvas>';
        <div class="right-pane">';
        <div class="progressbar">';
                <input class="current-frame" id="'+UNIQUE_ID+'-current-frame" type="text" style="width: 2.5em; text-align:center" /> / <span id="'+UNIQUE_ID+'-total-frame">1</span>';
            <canvas id="'+UNIQUE_ID+'-progressbar" width="97" height="24" style="border: 1px solid white;" />';
        <div id="order-control"> ';
            <input class="cmd_prev" id="'+UNIQUE_ID+'-cmd_prev" value="?"   type="button" />';
            <input class="cmd_next" id="'+UNIQUE_ID+'-cmd_next" value="?"   type="button" /><br />';
            <input class="cmd_first" id="'+UNIQUE_ID+'-cmd_first" value="|?" type="button"/>';
            <input class="cmd_last" id="'+UNIQUE_ID+'-cmd_last" value="?|" type="button"    style="width:2.5em"/><br />';
            <input class="cmd_playpause" id="'+UNIQUE_ID+'-cmd_playpause" value ="?" type="button" style="width:2.5em" /><br />';
            <input class="check-loop" id="'+UNIQUE_ID+'-loop"type="checkbox"> loop';
    <div id="under">';
        <textarea readonly="" id="'+UNIQUE_ID+'-comment" class="comment"></textarea>';

Alternatively, you can use an iframe like you did with fumen

<iframe width="230" scrolling="no" height="335" frameborder="0" src="PATH_TO_VIEWER.HTML?FUMEN_CODE"></iframe>

But iframes generally sucks and can lead to security issues. Don't use it if you can.


A generated documentation can be found in /doc/ . Otherwise, go take a look at the source !

Contributing & Reporting bug

If you want a particular feature or wish to report a big, please use the github system.

TeDiGe-2 uses uglify-js2 to compress its code, and js-doc toolkit to generate its documentation.


TeDiGe-2 is under Creative Commons 3 Attribution (CC3 BY) CC3 BY Logo

Also, TeDiGe-2 is not affiliated nor endorsed by the Tetris Company (except if they happend to fork it :D). Yes, I know I use your trademark, but don't sue me, it would be stupid and counterproductive.

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