C# implementation of Finite State Transducers for use in full-text search tasks
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Finite State Transducer (FST) Library for .NET Core

License: MIT Travis Status

C# implementation of Finite State Transducer for use in full-text search tasks

Command Line Arguments

Construct FST from prepared sample file. Each line in the input file has the following form input->output. Lines are sorted by input.

 dotnet run --configuration=Release -- build -i ../../Datasets/Simple/airports.txt
 FST constructed time: 00:00:02.5726407, terms: 46894, cache size: 65000, Memory: 71503872, output size: 949500
 FST (memory) verification time: 00:00:00.2863610
 FST (file)   verification time: 00:00:00.2789775

Print entries that match given pattern

 dotnet run --configuration=Release -- print -p "Lely*"
 FST header terms: 46894, max length: 95, states: 162860
 Lelygebergte Airstrip->323787
 Lelystad Airport->2522
 FST print terms: 2, time: 00:00:00.0708254