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@Petschko Petschko released this Dec 8, 2017 · 1 commit to master since this release

I heared it more often that some people select their Desktops or different Directories with important Data as Output Directory....
By default my Program clears the Output dir (Including all Sub-Dirs) this is changed now, so that it can't happen so often that people lose their Data.


  • Default Config-Value "Clear output Dir before decrypt" from true to false


  • A warning on changing Output-Directory while the option Clear output Dir before decrypt is turned on
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@Petschko Petschko released this Jan 17, 2017 · 12 commits to master since this release

I fixed a Bug in this Version:
-> Options can only switched 1 time after Program-Start

I added in this Version:
-> Check if RPG-Maker Directory is valid
-> Enabled the option to dis/enable the RPG-Maker dir validation

I also included the About-Window... Its not so important but its done now.
I had also included many Libs that I will use in further Versions so yeah its a little step forward

Please Download this Version, because that Bug with the Options is really bad >.<

If you want to see the current functions of this Program look here:

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@Petschko Petschko released this Jan 8, 2017 · 30 commits to master since this release

This Version allows you to Decrypt whole RPG-Maker-MV Directories without selecting each file (like in My Java-Script-Version).
You can use CMD or GUI to decrypt them (See readme how to start CMD-Version).

Please note that's just a Pre-Release so it has only the Basic-Functions! It will not show you much Informations on the GUI (It not shows you the Project-Files nor the File-Info)... But it works pretty well for the Basic-Part.

What can this Program do at this state?

  • Able to specify an Output-Directory (CMD & GUI)
  • Able to select an RPG-Project-Directory (CMD & GUI)
  • Able to detect the Encryption-Key(File) by itself (CMD & GUI)
  • Able to detect Encrypted Files by itself (CMD & GUI)
  • Able to decrypt ALL Files by itself (CMD & GUI)
  • Able to save the Files by itselfto the Output Directory and keep the Directory structure (CMD & GUI)
  • Show Decryption-Status with a Progress-Bar (GUI)
  • Show Files which are Decrypted (GUI & CMD)
  • Able to verify the Fake-Header (GUI)
  • Able to clear th Output-Directory before Decrypt new (GUI)
  • Able to setup: (GUI only)
    • Ignore-Fake-Header - Yes/No
    • Clearing Output-Directory before decrypting - Yes/No
    • Overwrite Existing Files, if Output Directory will not cleared before - Yes/No
  • Able to open RPG-Project-Directory and Output-Directory in Explorer (GUI)
  • Manually clear Output-Directory (GUI)
  • Go to Bug-Reporting-Website (GUI)

What is not implemented yet or will not work?

  • Show the Current Decryption-Key
  • Change the Current-Decryption-Key(File)
  • Change Decrypter-Settings
  • Enable/Disable "Load Invalid RPG-Maker MV Dirs" - Option -> It loads every dir atm
  • Decrypt only selected Files
  • Show Project-Files
  • Show File-Information
  • Restore-Project
  • Help-Page
  • About-Page
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Jan 8, 2017
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