A shallow fork of SuiteSparse adding build files for Visual Studio and support for ACML
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NOTE: It was a long time since I updated this project. However, there are many forks here on Github, which may be useful. If I were to update this project again, I would add CMake files instead of Visual Studio project files.


SuiteSparse: A Suite of Sparse matrix packages at http://www.suitesparse.com

See README.txt

Visual Studio Project Files

This repository adds project files for Visual Studio 2010, making compilation of SuiteSparse for Windows 64-bit easy.

Currently, the project files build the following:

  • AMD
  • CAMD


ACML - the AMD Core Math Library - is a very fast BLAS and LAPACK library that works well on Windows 64-bit. It can be obtained for free. This repository contains the necessary modifications to CHOLMOD for ACML.