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C++ shortest path with curvature and torsion taken into account
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This is a C++ library for computing shortest paths with higher-order properties like curvature and torsion taken into account. It implements the algorithms of our ICCV 2013 paper [1] and PAMI 2015 paper [2].

Build Status


The following is required to compile the library:

All tests pass with the following compilers:

  • Visual Studio 2013
  • GCC 4.8 (Cygwin)
  • GCC 4.7 (Ubuntu)

Earlier compilers might not work.


  • Spii
git clone
cd spii
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
make && make test
sudo make install
  • Curve_extraction
git clone
cd curve_extraction
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
make && make test
sudo make install


Paths can be changed in compile.m.


  1. Install curve_extraction and spii using instruction above.
  2. Install Eigen3 in /usr/local/include/eigen3.

You can now run /matlab/examples/simple_3D.m all files compiles on demand.


  1. Use CMake to build SPII and curve_extraction.
  2. Copy spii\include to C:\Program Files\SPII\include
  3. Copy <spii-build-path>\bin\spii.dll to C:\Program Files\SPII\lib
  4. Copy <spii-build-path>\lib\Release\* to C:\Program Files\SPII\lib
  5. Copy curve_extraction\include\ to C:\Program Files\curve_extraction\include
  6. Copy <curve_extraction-build-path>\lib\ to C:\Program Files\curve_extraction\lib
  7. Download and put all Eigen 3 headers in C:\Program Files\Eigen
  8. If your version of MATLAB does not support Visual Studio 2013 follow the instructions
  9. Add C:\Program Files\SPII\lib to your system path.

You can now run /matlab/examples/simple_3D.m all files compiles on demand.



  1. Petter Strandmark, Johannes Ulén, Fredrik Kahl, Leo Grady. Shortest Paths with Curvature and Torsion. International Conference on Computer Vision. 2013.

  2. Johannes Ulén, Petter Strandmark, Fredrik Kahl Shortest Paths with Higher-Order Regularization. IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence. 2015

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