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This is a project where I explore things that are new to me (asyncio, ES6 modules, Selenium, pytest-cov, …).

Real-time Chess

In Real-time Chess (or Kung-Fu Chess, Ninja Chess), all pieces can be moved simultaneously, but there is a short cool-down afterwards. This is a very fun multi-player game, completely different from regular chess!

This repository contains a Python server that hosts real-time Chess games. There is a test server running intermittently at



Python 3.5+ and asyncio, jinja2, pytest.

If you want to run the server behind a proxy (locally works fine), it must support websockets.


$ python3 run

Then tell all players to go to http://<your ip>:8080/


    $ python3 -m pytest

To run the integration test of Chrome + server with Selenium:

    $ python3


Contributions are welcome!