Getting started

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  1. Download the newest PAWN_xxx.HEX from
  2. Install it to the DSO Quad: go to the bootloader by holding down button 1 while turning on the power, and then copy the files to the USB disc.
  3. Reboot while holding down button 4. You should see the empty program selector screen.
  4. Find some applications (.amx files) and copy them to the USB disc. Press Refresh to see them and Run to start them.

Or just watch the tutorial video:

Hidden key combinations

There are two "hidden" key combinations in the runtime:

  1. Holding down button 4 for 3 seconds will abort the current program and show debug information.
  2. Holding down buttons 3 and 4 together for 3 seconds will save a screenshot as 'SSHOTxxx.BMP'. It will beep when the screenshot is saved. Note that this is not recommended for regular usage, instead applications should have their own menu item for saving bitmaps if appropriate.

Compiling Pawn programs

To write your own programs, you'll want to take a look at the official pawn documentation and at the voltage meter example code.


  1. Make a clone of the git repository: git clone git://
  2. Go to the Programs subfolder and rebuild everything to see if it works: make clean all


  1. Make a clone of the git repository, or download it as a zip file and extract it somewhere.
  2. Install the Pawn IDE:
  3. Start the Pawn IDE (Quincy) from start menu.
  4. Go to Tools -> Options and set the following:
  • Include path: empty
  • Compiler path: ....\QuadPawn\Compiler\bin
  • Debug info: Symbolic debugging (optional, makes for better crash messages)
  • Instruction set: Suplemental (optional, generates smaller code than 'Core')
  • Overlay code generation: On (optional, allows larger programs)
  1. Open some .pawn file from the Programs folder and try Build -> Compile.

Compiling the runtime

If you want to add some functionality to the PAWN_APP.HEX runtime, you'll have to recompile it. This is a quite straightforward task, but bear in mind that there is only about 3 kB of program space left for the runtime.

These instructions work also for PAWN_APP.

Contributing your code to the mainline

I prefer to receive contributions as Git pull requests. You can find a tutorial here. For bug reports and other miscellaneous stuff, you can create an issue report.

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