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Convoid is the unofficial Convore app for Android!

Convoid will eventually consist of 9 Activity screens, a Widget, a Background
Service to notify the User of updates events, and will hook 
into several Intents to share media in Convore.

The Loading Activity is the only entry point into the application. It
will display a friendly splash logo for the app, inform the user of its status
(Loading, Contacting Convore, etc), and redirect the user to either the main
Convoid Activity if logged in, otherwise the ConvoreLogin Activity.

The ConvoreLogin Activity will only be accessible if the User is not currently
logged in. It will display a smaller Convoid logo, username and password fields, 
a Remember Me checkbox, and a Login button.

The central Convoid Activity will be a dashboard of sorts, providing the User
with a nice overview and status of events like unread topics and messages,
mentions of said User, summary of Groups the User is a member of, and potentially
the number of Users online at the moment.

The Discover Activity will be a ListView of Groups, filterable and sortable 
so that the User can manage their existing Memberships.

The Mentions Activity will just be a ListView of Messages mentioning the User.
Touching these Messages will take the User to the Topic Activity, highlight, and 
scroll to the Message just touched.

The Group Activity will present a ListView of Topics. Touching a Topic will take 
the User to the Topic Activity.

The Topic Activity will be a ListView of Messages, displayed such that the most 
recent Messages are at the bottom of the display area.

Additionally, there will be simple New Group and New Topic Activities.

The Widget will be a smaller version of the Convoid Activity, providing a brief 
status window into the User's account.

Ideally the app should hook into the more popular Intents for sharing media with 
other Convore Users.

Finally, the Background Service will act as a much longer interval poll of the 
Live feed and/or Groups feed, and present a Notification in the Status Bar 
to the User based on preferences, including frequency of the interval and whether 
to Notify for Group Updates, Mentions, or both.