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@TheLastProject TheLastProject released this Mar 19, 2019 · 24 commits to master since this release

Packaging changes

API changes

  • Bump API version to 0.10.0 so that modules can hide the header if it was used to show the tree
  • Bump API version to 0.11.0 due to change in how a base context option is returned


  • Searches can now be regular expressions. These need to be formatted as /search_string/flags
  • Information when module requests are still being processed when showing no results screen
  • Notification on copying data to clipboard


  • Modules are now automatically unloaded after uninstallation
  • Passing arguments to modules is now done with Ctrl+Enter instead of typing it with the search bar
  • The start screen now shows a hotkey reference
  • The UI now shows what hotkey will activate what entry
  • Right click / Ctrl+Return a context menu entry to activate command input mode if available
  • The selection tree is now shown below the header location
  • The "base" context menu is now merged with the entry-specific one and shown below the entry-specific options
  • Command menu now has an "enter arguments" entry


  • AppImage trying to store data inside itself in portable mode
  • Some incorrect hotkeys on macOS
  • Search sometimes missing entries
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