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The objective of this plugin is to simplify the process of guest users without build permissions requesting build permissions and them being granted them by a mod. It means that the mod doesn't needed access to /modify or the database etc and makes it much easier to use.
If you experience issues please post them on github:
Database based player request logging
Email validation
Tells mods when user makes request
Checks every X seconds on a timer to see if there are any requests waiting & tells a mod if there are
Tells mods on login about waiting requests
List of requests
Get current request status
The plugin uses a variety of commands to help with the task of giving new users (that you trust) build permissions. It does this by logging requests in a database with the users email (future features), and then mods are told that there are requests waiting, so they can go and check the person out and grant them permissions with one simple commands. It gets around the step of making people post on a forum, facebook page or similar and just makes it all easier!
If you have any advice, questions, improvements or ideas feel free to post them here. I hope you like the plugin!
If you think you can help create any of the features on the todo list or just have in interest in helping maintain this plugin please get in contact via github, I'd love to work as a group on it!
Choose either manual or updatr download
[Updatr] Place the file in your Updatr/ folder and then /update UserRequests in game
[Manual] Place the jar in plugins/ and then in game or on server /enableplugin
This generates the file
Modify this file to add your MySQL details, the group you want to award people and any other settings as you wish.
Give the commands below to the groups you wish to have them, /requestaccept gives the group mod over the requests
In game or on server /reloadplugin
Check the servers console for any errors, hopefully your all set!
/request <Email> - Request a build privilages (Default Group)
/requeststatus - Check the status of your request (Default Group)
/requestlist <waiting:accepted> - Get a list of waiting requests (Trusted Player)
/requestaccept <Username> - Accept a request to build privileges (Mod)
/requestinfo <Username> - Get all the information of a request (Mod)
Shorthand commands exist; /rs, /rl, /ra <wait:acc> & /ri
mysql-user: Username for MySQL database
mysql-pass: Password for MySQL database
mysql-db: Connection address and database for MySQL
mysql-driver: MySQL Driver, most users can ignore
mysql-connector-jar: MySQL Driver, most users can ignore
message-submitted: Message user receives when they first send their request.
message-invalidemail: Message telling user their email is invalid
message-groupawarded: Tell user they have got the request approved
message-requestwaiting: Message to mod on user submit part 1
message-requestwaiting2: Message to mod on user submit part 2
message-alredyexists: Message telling user they have already submitted
awarded-group: Group to award people on request accept
server-output: Turns on logging to server when users make requests and mods make accepts
reminder-delay: How often in seconds the reminder should check if there are any requests waiting and any mods about
reminder-enabled: Enable/Disable the remind feature
[idea] Ask Mod to Human Check Submitted Email
[request] Implement Flatfile Storage
[idea]Use hEmail and timer to send out emails
[request] Custom Plugin Color - is this really needed?
[idea] Email users (possibly hEmail) if not online when they are accepted
[request] Make user read "rules" before they can /request
[needed] Port to Bukkit (when it is more ready)
1.0b: Jumped to 1.0
0.8b: Onlogin message, Tidying, MySQL fixes, basically beta
0.7: Timer reminders
0.6: Included updatr, added status method, added requests list method fixed
0.5b: Fix save problems, prevent user requesting more than once, optimisations, useful server output, listrequests
0.4: Messages mods when a request is made, uses own properties file
0.3: Fixed user permissions, more sql changes, accepted added to database, debug true/false added
0.2: Added alias', messages stored as strings, improved sql queries, added resultset to array
0.1: Initial script, buggy but just working