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Phala Ambassador Program V.4

📢 This program is tracked transparently on GitHub. Phala_type_grn (1)

Phala Ambassador Program V.4 - updated July 2024


Phala Ambassadors are enthusiastic community members who volunteer to assist Phala Network in marketing, community management, content creation, etc. and receiving $PHA as compensation for their efforts.

As of July, 2024, the Phala Network Ambassador Program consists of 1 Head Ambassador, 7 Senior Ambassadors and 12 Ambassadors. These active 20 Ambassadors share a monthly token pool of 84,000 $PHA, distributed based on their performances. Phala plans to recruit 30 more Ambassadors in the latter half of the year of 2024. If you meet the criteria, and are interested in becoming part of the Phala Ambassador Phamily, please fill out the application.


  1. Expertise
    • Proficient in communicating in English at an advanced or native level.
    • Solid knowledge of Web3, including blockchain, DeFi, and AI.
    • Experienced in areas such as Web3 community management, marketing, content creation, business development, or Web3 technology.
    • Ability to propose and execute innovative ideas.
  2. Commitment
    • Strong understanding of Phala's vision, products, and latest developments.
    • Actively engage with the Phala core team and community members.
    • Proactive in supporting the Phala team and community.
  3. Influence
    • Demonstrated strong presence and leadership within various ecosystem communities.
    • Strong social media presence and thought leadership skills.


  1. Monthly rewards – receive $PHA for completing specific tasks.
  2. Leadership bonuses – earn additional $PHA as bonuses for demonstrating successful leadership.
  3. Promotional bonuses – earn additional $PHA for successfully rising through our ambassador ranks.
  4. Other benefits and perks offered by Phala Network such as your own Web3 AI Agent.
  5. Networking opportunities – work alongside Phala’s core team and attend local events and conferences that are sponsored by the Phala team.
  6. Recognition & influence - build a reputation, and maybe even a future career for yourself.
  7. Exclusive access – be the first to know about Phala’s official releases and upcoming product features.

Ambassador Responsibilities:

  1. The Basics:

    • Proactively understand Phala product, Phala branding & narrative, ongoing Phala campaign (e.g., Why are we doing it? Who are we targeting? How can I help?); Ask questions if needed.
    • Demonstrate progress and increase value by consistently delivering high-quality work, and showing measurable improvements in your areas of responsibilities; Support Phala's success and also advance your own professional growth and credibility in the Web3 space.
  2. Community Management (CM):

    • Online Community Moderation: Closely monitor Phala’s online community channels to ensure adherence to community guidelines and foster a respectful and positive environment; Install necessary bots based on the needs of the community; Address and resolve conflicts or issues that arise within the community swiftly and diplomatically.
    • Translation: Phala Network has a global audience with community members who speak different languages. Translating documents ensures that non-English speaking members can access, understand, and engage with Phala.
  3. Marketing (MK):

    • Plan & Organize Phala Online Events: Design and plan online events such as virtual meetups, workshops, AMAs, etc.; Promote events through social media, newsletters, etc.; Host and moderate online events, ensuring a professional and engaging experience for attendees.
    • Plan & Organize Phala Offline Events: Organize offline events such as meetups, networking sessions, university meetups, community gatherings, etc. Promote events independently or/and with the Phala team; Manage on-site logistics and ensure a welcome and inclusive atmosphere at all events; Collect and analyze feedback from event participants to measure success.
  4. Content Creation (CC):

    • Develop and share engaging content, including blog posts, newsletters, social media updates, videos, and tutorials to keep the community informed and engaged; Collaborate with the marketing team to align content strategies and promote relevant updates.
    • Produce illustrations, AI art, graphics, animations and other forms of visual art for various platforms such as social media, marketing materials and events; Create original artwork which is consistent with Phala’s brand guidelines and overall visual identity.
  5. Business Development (BD):

    • Partner Outreach and Relationship Building: identify, develop and maintain strong, long-term relationships with potential Phala partners to foster collaboration and mutual growth.
    • Work closely with Phala’s Business Development team to identify the target market, use scoring techniques to assess the quality of each lead; Build pipelines for potential project leads and define clear stages in the pipeline and move leads through these stages systematically; Ensure a seamless handoff of qualified leads to the appropriate internal teams for further engagement.
  6. Tech Assistance (TA):

    • Work closely with Phala’s DevRel team to develop use cases of Phala’s AI Agent Contract.
    • Help integrate Phala’s Agent Wars on some other platforms such as Frame on Farcaster.
    • Perform others tasks assigned
  7. Others:

    • Serve as Regional Team Leaders.
    • Make other outstanding contributions to Phala Network throughout the evaluation month.

How the Ambassador Program works:

  1. Understand the Token Allocation (of the $PHA token pool) for each department:

    • Basic Responsibilities (10%)
    • Community Management (25%)
    • Marketing (20%)
    • Content Creation (20%)
    • Business Development (10%)
    • Tech Assistance (10%)
    • Others (5%)
    • Additional Promotional Bonus (outside of the token pool)
      • Head Ambs: 4000 $PHA/month
      • Senior Ambs: 2000 $PHA/month
  2. Choose Your Tasks:

    • Ambassadors will have to choose at least two and can choose up to three departments, out of the five departments (CM, MK, CC, BD & Tech), to work on each month.
    • There is a total of 40 points per month per department - 20 points for the efforts and 20 points for the results.
    • Ambassadors will be able to seek support from their regional team leaders while executing the tasks.
  3. Evaluation:

    • Contribution will be evaluated on a monthly basis; Points will be calculated based on the evidence submitted in Ambassadors' monthly Github issues.
    • Submit your contribution by creating an issue on this repository latest by the 5th day of the following month. Any late submission will not be accepted.
    • Any ambassador candidates, who reach at least 65% points for a period of 3 consecutive months, will be promoted to the official ambassador position.
    • Any official ambassador, who reaches at least 90% points for a period of 3 consecutive months, will become a Senior Ambassador.
  4. Understand Reward Calculation:

    • Here is an example of calculating the total scores given in a department: Let’s say 5 Ambassadors (Amb A, B, C, D, and E) choose to work on Community Management for that month and have received the following scores:
      • Amb A: 38
      • Amb B: 32
      • Amb C: 20
      • Amb D: 25
      • Amb E: 30
      • The total score is therefore 38 + 32 + 20 + 25 + 30 = 145. Amb A’s reward, out of the token pool allocated to Community Management (25%), will then be: $$\left(\frac{38}{145}\right)$$
    • Ambassadors will receive individual scores for their work in each department. The percentage of an ambassador's score relative to the total scores given in that department will determine the amount of $PHA awarded for that task. For example, if Ambassador A scores 30 points in CM out of a total of 240 points, 28 in CC out of 180, and 35 in MK out of 200, and because the CM task is allocated 25% of the token pool, CC 20% and MK 20%, then Ambassador A's $PHA reward will be calculated as follows:

$$ \left(\frac{30}{240}\right) \times (84,000 \times 0.25) + \left(\frac{28}{180}\right) \times (84,000 \times 0.20) + \left(\frac{35}{200}\right) \times (84,000 \times 0.20) $$

  1. Receive $PHA Rewards:

    • For every 5 new Ambassadors joining the program, an additional 21,000 $PHA will be added to the token pool.
    • The reward pool comes from the PHA Treasury.
    • The token allocation to each department may change depending on how the recruitment goes.
    • Future $PHA will ONLY be distributed to the ambassadors' wallet addresses on Phala Network.
  2. Ambassador hierarchy:

    • Our structure: candidate, ambassador, senior ambassador, and head ambassador.
    • Your starting position will depend on how well your application meets our criteria: expertise, commitment and influence.

Report Format Example

Title: June 2022 Contribution - {your #discord ID}
1. Personal info:

- Amb rank: X
- Discord Username: Y
- Twitter URL: X
- PHA Wallet Address: Y
- Departments: [1]/[2]/[3](if applicable)
2. Departments:
· CM:
- List all completed tasks.
- [add statistics here]
- Good points
- Bad points.
- How to improve your performance for next month.
· MK:
- List all completed tasks.
- [add statistics here]
- Good points
- Bad points.
- How to improve your performance for next month.
4. Suggested scores: 
- [Department 1] X/40
- [Department 2] X/40
- [Department 3] X/40 (if applicable)

- Overall suggested score: X/100.
- Has your performance improved or deteriorated from last month? Why? How?
- Justify why you have suggested these scores. 

The reward is viewable on this SPREADSHEET.


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