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$:.unshift File.expand_path(File.dirname(__FILE__))
$:.unshift File.expand_path(File.dirname(__FILE__)<<"/lib")
print "working dir: \n" << ($:.join("\n")) << "\n"
print "Ruby version: " << RUBY_VERSION << "\n\n"
require 'springlayout_dsl'
require 'java'
java_import javax.swing.JFrame
java_import javax.swing.JLabel
java_import javax.swing.JButton
java_import javax.swing.SpringLayout
java_import javax.swing.Spring
java_import java.awt.Color
java_import javax.swing.JTextField
java_import java.util.HashMap
frame = 'Test Frame'
content = frame.content_pane
content.layout = layout
label1 =" foo")
label2 =" bar")
label3 =" some long text")
text1 =
text2 =
text3 =
[label1,label2,label3,text1,text2,text3].each {|component| content.add(component)}
SpringLayoutDSL::layout(layout) do
label1.north = content.north+5
label2.north = label1.south+5
label3.north = label2.south+5
m = max(label1.width,label2.width,label3.width) + 5
label1.east = m
label2.east = m
label3.east = m
content.south = label3.south+7
content.east = 300
text1.north = label1.north
text1.east = content.east-5 #! text1.east must be assigned before text1.west otherwise this won't work under <=jdk1.5. This is not a bug with SpringLayoutDSL
text1.west = label1.east+5
text2.north = label2.north
text2.east = content.east-5
text2.west = label2.east+5
text3.north = label3.north
text3.east = content.east-5
text3.west = label3.east+5
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