Questions I might ask during a job interview for a sofware developer position
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Questions and tips to find the good company as a web developer

To know more, see my article on my blog

Before the interview

  • If there are coding tests, how long do they take?
  • Can I do the coding tests on a computer?
  • If everything goes well, can I do a trial day in your company?

During the interview


  • What would my immediate responsibilities be?


  • How would you describe the company culture?
  • Do you feel there are any skills currently lacking on the team?


  • Are you writing unit tests and/or functional tests for your softwares?
  • What do you think about TDD?
  • What do you think about pair programming?
  • Do you do Pull requests?
  • Do you have product managers? Are they product owners as well?
  • Do you write documentation?
  • Do you have a QA team?
  • Are developers usually working alone on their own project?
  • Do you use Continuous Integration?
  • How does the QA team is testing? Manually? Using automated tests?


  • Is home office authorized? Under what conditions?
  • What about the work hours? Are they flexible?


  • Who decides the deadlines? How?
  • How do you define a senior developer?
  • How do you do to know if a developer is productive and valuable for the company?

Business related

  • How do you take feedback for you clients?
  • What the biggest challenges your business face?


  • I saw you are using <technology>. Why?
  • Can we choose to work with MacOs, Linux or Windows? Do you impose the OS/tools we work with?
  • What the balance between firefighting and project work?

To ask to the IT team

  • What the most interesting thing you worked on?
  • What would you change in this company?

After the interview

  • Can I visit the offices?


  • Give feedback about the interview via Email
  • Ask for feedback via Email