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EnableNewSteamFriendsSkin, now with a GUI and auto scanning!
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Steam Friends Patcher

This utility is designed to allow you to apply themes to the new Steam friends UI.


Download & extract the latest zip file under Releases and run SteamFriendsPatcher.exe!
Make sure the .config file included in the zip is in the same folder as the executable.

To use manually, simply click "Force Check," by default this will run when you start the program.
You will be required to do this everytime Valve pushes a new version of the friends.css file used by Steam.
To avoid this, use the "Start Scanner" option and leave the program running.
With the scanner option, whenever a new version of the friends.css is pushed it will automatically be patched.

Recommended options:

  • Start With Windows
  • Start Minimized
  • Minimize To Tray
  • Check For Updates
  • Auto Scan On Startup
  • Run Steam On Startup

With these options configured, the program should be as easy as setup and forget!


  • Implement CEF index parsing to better find the correct cache file (Pull Request welcome to anyone who has experience with this)
  • Currently breaks Big Picture Mode chat due to Big Picture not utilizing



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