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  1. Data ETL & Analysis on the dataset 'Baby Names from Social Security Card Applications - National Data'.

    Python 554 65

  2. Text Mining on the 2019 Mexican Government Report, covering from extracting text from a PDF file to plotting the results.

    Python 455 69

  3. A comprehensive Data and Text Mining workflow for submissions and comments from any given public subreddit.

    Python 429 32

  4. A Reddit bot that summarizes news articles written in Spanish or English. It uses a custom built algorithm to rank words and sentences.

    Python 190 19

  5. A Reddit bot that generates new context-aware comments using Markov chains trained from a set of given users or subreddits comments history.

    Python 43 2

  6. Data ETL & Analysis on the global and Mexican datasets of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Python 13 3


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