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@@ -63,7 +63,7 @@ This should be updated fairly regularly. As usual, **pull requests are encourage
* [ Docs]( - Well-structured, clean, responsive, comprehensive. Bootstrap-based design.
* [Go By Example]( - Clean, simple, and extensive. These docs that make you want to learn Go just because they make it so straightforward.
* [99s Ranch User Guide]( - Pretty clear and thorough user guide. (contributed by [@lenary](!/lenary))
-* [Gevent API Docs]( - Clean, polished, API docs for Gevent. (contributed by [rubik](
+* [Gevent API Docs]( - Clean, polished docs for Gevent. (contributed by [rubik](
* [httpkit]( - I dare you to tell me these docs aren't straight sex.
* [CodernityDB]( - Clean, extensive, useful. I also love the fact that the day the software was released the documentation was this extensive.

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