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Added gevent docs. I don't know whether they are auto-generated with Sphinx. To me it seemed yes.

Do I have to end the description with a period? Some are like that, other aren't.

@rubik rubik Update
Added gevent docs
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@rubik thanks. I went ahead and added them. I would love to see the main docs page be a little less focused on the TOC and have some sort of explanation about what the reader is looking at (e.g. the intro page might make more sense as the first thing a reader sees when the go to "docs"), but other wise I like them.

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    Added gevent docs
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@@ -58,6 +58,7 @@ This should be updated fairly regularly. As usual, **pull requests are encourage
* [Ember.js]( - The overall navigation could be done a bit better but the presentation and readability is quite nice. (contributed by [@cmeik](
* [DotCloud Platform Docs]( - Responsive, focused, simple, and all-around useable.
* [Mashape API Docs]( - Clean auto-generated documentations for APIs
+* [Gevent API Docs]( - Clean, polished, API docs for Gevent
### Writing about Docs (again, in no particular order)
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