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A side by side comparison of Riak and Dynamo (as described in the Dynamo Paper).
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Riak Compared To Dynamo

This is the GitHub home of the Riak and Dynamo comparison. The comparison lives here. (It's about 60% done.)

How does this work?

I hacked the side by side comparison using Docco.

  • The text for the comparison lives in dynamo.js.
  • If you want make the site all pretty, spend some time with docco.css.
  • To generate the comparison locally, run docco dynamo.js and navigate to dynamo.html in your favorite browser
  • To update the actual comparison, checkout the gh-pages, do a $ git rm -rf ., copy the contents of what's in master branch, add & commit the changes, and finish with a $ git push origin gh-pages.
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