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SF Table Tennis Tourney

This is an attempt to organize a table tennis tournament in SF. If it goes well, we'll do more. If it doesn't, I'll blame it all on GitHub and move to Perforce.





Want to participate?

Add your name to the list.

You're not required to provide a nick name but those who don't will be supplied one by the organizers...

Have a table we can use?

Add your details (company name and/or location along with hours of availability would be great)

  1. Engine Yard - 500 3rd street, after 5pm
  2. Storek Building - 149 9th streetm, all day and after 5pm.
  3. Heroku - 321 11th St, after 5pm + can do event for more people with notice

Table Tennis Lizard

We'll need a mascot...


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