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Building PharmCAT

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The PharmCAT application is written in Java and was developed and tested in Oracle Java SE 8. PharmCAT is not guaranteed to work with other versions or implementations of Java.

You will need to install the current Java SE JDK 8 to build PharmCAT.


You will also need to have Gradle installed to compile PharmCAT.


To update the data PharmCAT relies on:

> gradle updateData

To run this successfully, you will need to have in your home directory with two properties set:

  • google.user - a Google user id (e-mail) with access to the data
  • google.key - the private key for the Google user with access to the data

These must be valid credentials to a Google Service Account with permission to access the raw data.

Non-developers can download the latest version of the data on the Releases page.


To build the PharmCAT distribution packages:

> gradle assemble

To build the PharmCAT fat/uber-jar:

> gradle shadowJar
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