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PhasecoreX's Cogs for Red-DiscordBot
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PhasecoreX's Cogs for Red-DiscordBot.

Red-DiscordBot Code Style: Black Donate to support my cogs

To add these wonderful cogs to your instance, run this command:

[p]repo add PCXCogs

If you don't have an instance, consider using my nice docker image!

The List of Cogs

Name Status Description (Click for more details)
BanCheck Release
Automatically check users against global ban lists.You can also manually check users already on the server.
DecodeBinary Release
Decode binary strings automatically.Any message that the bot thinks is binary will be decoded to regular text.
Dice Release
Perform complex dice rolling.Supports dice notation (such as 3d6+3), shows all roll results, and can be configured to limit the number of dice a user can roll at once.
RemindMe Release
Set reminders for yourself.Ported from v2; originally by Twentysix26. I've made many enhancements to it as well.
UpdateNotify Beta
Automatically check for updates.Will check for updates to Red-DiscordBot and notify the owner. Works nicely with my docker image.
Wikipedia Release
Look up articles on Wikipedia.Ported from v2; originally by PaddoInWonderland. I've made some enhancements to it as well.
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