Make a platformer game with Phaser Editor (tutorial source code)
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Make a platormer level with Phaser Editor (source code)


This repo contains the assets and source code of the Make a Mario-Style platformer with the Phaser Editor tutorial published in Zenva GameDev Academy.

Play the final demo

In that tutorial we cover:

  • Project setup
  • Assets loading
  • Scene making with the visual scene builder
  • Physics setup
  • Player controls
  • Player animations
  • Coins collecting

In the Projects folder there are several projects that allow you to start an any section in the tutorial or see the expected results of a section.

To test the projects you don't need Phaser Editor, you can start a local web server and open the <project>/WebContent/index.html file of each project. However, we recommend you to download Phaser Editor do the tasks step by step. To import the projects in Phaser Editor use the Import > Existing projects into workspace wizard, just select the Copy projects into workspace option.

Enjoy it!