Network Application Stress Testing Yammer
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Compile with 'g++ fast.c -o fast'

Run ./fast for current usage instructions and options

Usage options (may not apply to all fuzzing types),
-srcip x.x.x.x
-srcipmin x.x.x.x
-srcipmax x.x.x.x

-dstip x.x.x.x
-dstipmin x.x.x.x
-dstipmax x.x.x.x

-srcmac xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
-dstmac xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx

-srcport x
-srcportmin x
-srcportmax x

-dstport x
-dstportmin x
-dstportmax x

-payload x
-payloadmin x
-payloadmax x

-interval x
-intervalmin x
-intervalmax x

Fuzzer options



-packetcount x

Need more help? Use the source Luke.