Cubify is a free Inkscape plugin to create Cheat Cubes
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Cubify is a free Inkscape plugin to create Cheat Cubes


Cubify is a plugin for the famous vector graphics software Inkscape. To install this plugin you should first download the sources from GitHub:

$ git clone

Then you can move the downloaded files to the extentions folder of your Inkscape installation:

$ sudo cp ./Cubify/cubify.* /usr/share/inkscape/extensions/


In order to use this plugin you have to install the following packages:

  1. python2-lxml


If you now start Inkscape, you should see a new entry in the Extentions -> Python submenu, named Cubify. Open a new document and start the Cubify extention wizzard located under Extentions -> Python -> Cubify .... Here you can change different options modifying the look and feel as well as the content of your cheat cube. When you entered all important data, click Apply and close the wizzard. You will see the scheme of your custom Cheat Cube. If the skeleton does not fit the document layout, visit Files -> Document Properties ... and choose Resize page to content ... at the bottom of the dialog. Select Resize page to drawing or selection and close the dialog. Now the skeleton of your Cheat Cube should exactly fit the document.

Examples and Screenshots


  • Use selected object instead of whole document
  • Add controls for the font-size, -color and -weight