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Likeable behaviour for Yii powered PHP+MySQL application
To handle likes in this version of the extension, a database of yours should have at least 2 entites: items and users.
There should also be a third table to handle many-to-many relationships - actual likes.
Table structure: items_users (item_id, user_id)
The idea is very simple:
When a user likes an item, the extension creates a new record in that table.
When the user dislikes the item, the extension deletes the record from the 'items_users' table.
Ext Initialization:
In your item model class
function behaviors() {
return array(
//makes the model likeable only if the user is not a guest.
'likeable' => array(
'class' => 'ext.likeable.CLikeableBehavior',
//Many-to-many table for a users-items relationship
//where all likes are stored.
'items_users_table' => 'items_users',
//Name of the item id column
'item_id_column_name' => 'item_id',
//Name of the user id column
'user_id_column_name' => 'user_id'),
In your item controller do something like this: Item::model()->like($model->item_id);