A rewrite of my static HTML website to use haml, sass, and ruby codegen.
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This is a port of the static html pages used on my website. The code and images are released in the public domain and free for use in any context.

I started this project to learn the haml and sass templating languages. In the end the output wasn't much smaller than the code (~50% smaller). For larger projects or more structured data I could definitely see using haml for HTML generation.

I don't expect to do very much HTML generating server side in the sort of web apps I enjoy writing. At most I would use haml to generate the client-side templates and stitch them together in a JS template engine like pure.

To build this site you will need the following ruby gems:

Run staticmatic preview . to view edits on a live local webserver. staticmatic build . will build the static files into the site directory.

Or download the generated files manually at philharnish.com, though I can't imagine what the point of that would be--there isn't anything particularly useful in the output.