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A suite of single file apps that exercise the various aspects of GTK including testing and loading layouts using YAML (layout.rb+layout.yml)

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GTK Sandbox

Now it's pretty easy to install Ruby Gnome2:

sudo apt-get -y install ruby1.9.3       # Install Ruby if not already installed
sudo apt-get -y install libgtk2.0-dev   # Install GTK development package
sudo gem install gtk2                   # Install gtk

For source_view example additional packages:

sudo apt-get -y install libgtksourceview2.0-dev
sudo gem install gtksourceview2

A suite of single file apps that exercise the various aspects of GTK. Some of the apps do not have a visible close button. Pressing CTRL+Q should exit the app.

  • box - Virtically packed frames with Gtk::VBox
  • button - Displays a button. Handler for clicking
  • checkbox - Checkbox handling
  • filter_list - Use a textbox to filter a list
  • forward_events - Forwards key events to another widget
  • fullscreen - Creates a fullscreen window (any key quits)
  • hello - Simple Hello World
  • keyboard - Uses layout and buttons to display a keyboard
  • key_constants - Logs the Gdk::Keyval when pressing keys
  • keys - Keyboard shortcut handling
  • label - Displays a simple label
  • layout - GTK widgets loaded from YAML. (CTRL+F hides)
  • list_view - A Gtk::TreeView used as a list box
  • pane - A Gtk::VPaned with the dragable divider
  • panel_view - Show/hide a Gtk::Frame with keyboard shortcuts
  • progress - Progresses to 100% then indeterminate one
  • source_view - With highlighting and theme support
  • specing - Shows how GTK can be tested with MiniTest
  • text_tags - Snippets with Gtk::TextTag
  • toggle_button - Looks like a button but behaves like a checkbox
  • version - Displays GTK and Ruby binding version
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