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  • Create new file with Open panel (CTRL+N)
  • Open files with fuzzy matcher (CTRL+O)
  • Save (CTRL+S)
  • Show keyboard shortcuts (F1)
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Switch files (CTRL+TAB)
  • Indicate file modification status and file path (bottom right)
  • Open test/code with fuzzy matcher (CTRL+O)
  • Close test/code (CTRL+W)
  • Run command on save (e.g. the test)
  • Output/Error list
  • Rename/Move files (CTRL+R)
  • Regex Find/Replace (CTRL+F)
  • Multi-file find/replace (CTRL+SHIFT+F)
  • Remove trailing space (on save)
  • Single blank line at end of file (on save)
  • Enter a short word and press TAB to replace it with a snippet
  • TAB through markers in the snippet to enter text
  • Press ESC to finish editing and place the cursor at the last marker
  • Edit snippets configuration file to change or add more snippets
  • Load files from the command line
  • Bracket match highlighting
  • Reload configuration (YAML files)
  • handle really large files (e.g. SQL dump or log file. Probably turn off highlighting)
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