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Open file in the current window with fuzzy matcher (CTRL+O) Autoload configuration (YAML files) Close file (CTRL+W) Multi-file switching (CTRL+TAB) Remove trailing space (on save) Save window position Show Keyboard shortcuts Single blank line at end of file (on save) Snippets (Smart code tab completion) Find/Replace (CTRL+F) Multi-file find/replace (CTRL+SHIFT+F) Output window Integrated autospec Mouse support will be added for functions that really do benefit (e.g. file browsing?) after keyboard support has been completed

rails generator snippets rcov - pretty test coverage output rspec - pretty html specs output Git support (do git add before reloading files? or between loads/saves?) rdoc - builtin help using rdoc - somehow for ruby as well handle really large files (e.g. SQL dump or log file. Probably turn off highlighting)

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