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Minimalist Editor for Ruby, Rails and Other Languages
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Merrol - Minimalist Editor for Ruby, Rails and Other Languages

  • Designed with Test/Behaviour Driven Development in mind
  • Emphasis is on keyboard shortcuts over mouse, menus and toolbars
  • Panels are used over dialogs so code is not obscured
  • Switch between different layouts avoiding resizing of windows
  • Split-screen showing test, code and output
  • Simple configuration with YAML (shortcuts, settings, layouts, snippets)
  • Folder and regex based search/replace panel
  • Run tests on save and step through files/lines of failures/output
  • Multiple instance support to work on different project folders
  • Scratch files saved in projects tmp folder
  • Written in pure Ruby in itself with BDD
  • Uses GTK and the Ruby Gnome2 project


Early development (November 2011) - few features are implemented


Initially targeting Ubuntu.

sudo apt-get -y install libgtk2.0-dev libgtksourceview2.0-dev
gem install merrol


m file1 file2 ...
m file1:line


  • Take a fresh approach at a programmers editor
  • Include everything I want to see in an editor
  • Be oppinionated about the development process
  • Only integration tests should display a GTK window

Design & Development

  • The gooy folder contains facades around GTK (to facilate upgrade to GTK+ 3) It should not contain business logic or any references to the application


  • unit - Stub all classes except the one under test
  • functional - Test some of the interaction between objects
  • integration - Full end-to-end testing with UI
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