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Examples from the upcoming Silk.NET OpenGL library translated to F#
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Silk.NET F# Examples

The new upcoming OpenGL library from Ultz, Silk.NET promises to bring together bindings for OpenGL and Vulkan (Graphics), OpenAL (Audio), Input and Windowing (GLFW3) into a single, high speed library.

Some examples are provided in the project that target C#. Here I've converted them to F# to test feasibility in this language.

NOTE: Direct references to Silk.NET.Windowing and Silk.NET.OpenGL

Currently the project references the csproj files from Silk.NET directly as the current release version (preview 2) has some issues with the current examples in F#. preview 3 is due out in about a week so I'll update to Paket references after that date.

Blank Window

Provides a basic blank window with no other graphics. It tests that we can hook into the available window events and doesn't rely on winforms so should be cross platform however, I've only tested on Windows thus far.

cd blank_window
dotnet run


Builds on the previous example, drawing a triangle in the middle of the window. This tests that we can interface with OpenGL through the Silk.NET bindings.

cd triangle
dotnet run


This project tests various input devices. Keyboard, mouse, gamepads and joysticks are all covered. Displays all input in the console.

cd input_test
dotnet run


lib/glfw3.dll is provided by ( and is the 64-bit version. If running on 32-bit machines this DLL will need to be replaced with the 32-bit version.

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