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Expunger web platform, on Django
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Expungement Platform

This Django project provides expungement paperwork and record access to the PLSE lawyers and volunteers.


  • Initializes user groups
  • Initializes superuser

Setup / Running

One current goal is to bypass these steps. We'd like to have expunger-infrastructure handle setup and running. Not there yet.

Current process:

  • Start the expungement-infrastructure via docker-compose
  • From expungement-infrastructere, load the environmental variables: $ source

First time?

  • You may need to install the system libraries from requirements.debian.txt.
  • Install python libraries in a virtual environment. $ pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Run $ ./ makemigrations

Continuing after first time setup:

  • Run a local server. $ ./ runserver
  • Visit http://localhost:8000 with the username and password from if you want to poke around.
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