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Plugin Repository

If you create a plugin and like to share it with us and the community, feel free to add a link to your repository on this page. Please leave core-plugins on top in every category.

If you're searching for plugins also checkout github tags or packagist.

Admin & Backend


  • Phile-PHP Fast Cache (default cache engine, part of the core)
  • PhileTotalCache -- Cache complete page output.

Content Source

  • PhileDraft -- Allows publishing of Draft markdown posts to Phile (for 1.0.0-RC1+).


Embed External Content

Markup Extension

Markup Parser

CSS Pre-Processors

Meta Information

  • Phile-Parse-Meta (default meta parsing engine, part of the core)
  • PhileTags -- Add Hashtags to your content
  • PhileLastModified -- Returns the last modified date of the page/file (for 1.0.0-RC1).
  • PhileTableOfContents -- Generate a table of contents



  • PagelistSnippet -- A PhileCMS plugin that allows you to list or search pages on your site.

Template Engines




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