Generate RSS feeds based on the posts in your Phile site
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Generate RSS feeds based on the posts in your Phile site.

1.1 Installation (composer)

composer require phile/rss-feed

1.2 Installation (Download)

  • Install the latest version of Phile
  • Clone this repo into plugins/phile/rssFeed

2. Activation

After you have installed the plugin. You need to add the following line to your config.php file:

$config['plugins']['phile\\rssFeed'] = array('active' => true);
  • go to /feed on your site


You can set some defaults in the plugins config file. By default the feed URL is /feed. You can change this if you need too.

There is also a key in the plugin config called post_key. This is the key that defines which unqiue meta key to associate with posts. If you posts don't have a date but instead use a template of 'post' you can use that instead.

There is a file included with a plugin called template.php. This is the file that is used as the XML template for the RSS feed. This is a valid RSS feed when run through the Phile-Blog-Theme setup.

You may need to edit the template file if you require the feed results to be different.