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updated docs to 0.2.0 (release)

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-GoMySQL Version 0.2.0-RC
+GoMySQL Version 0.2.0
Revision History
-* 0.2.0-RC - Fixed Github issue #5, improvements to query logger. Added escape function but currently advise against using this for anything but short strings at present.
-* 0.2.0-beta2 - Additional fixes for Github issue #4, client should be more robust in certain circumstances.
-* 0.2.0-beta1 - Functions have been reworked and as a general rule now always return os.Error, this provides a more generic and consistant function design. This change resolves Github issue #3. Removed length vs buffered length checks as they don't work with packets > 4096 bytes, this resolves Github issue #4. Fixed several minor bugs. All code has been processed with gofmt. [THIS VERSION IS NOT BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE WITH 0.1 SERIES]
+0.2.x series [current]
+* 0.2.0 - Functions have been reworked and now always return os.Error to provide a generic and consistant design. Improved logging output. Improved client stability. Removed length vs buffered length checks as they don't work with packets > 4096 bytes. Added new Escape function, although this is currently only suitiable for short strings. Tested library with much larger databases such as multi-gigabyte tables and multi-megabyte blogs. Many minor bug fixes. Resolved issue #3, #4 and #5.
+0.1.x series [deprecated]
* 0.1.14 - Added support for long data packets.
* 0.1.13 - Added proper support for NULL bit map in binary row data packets.
* 0.1.12 - Added auth struct to store authentication data. Removed logging param from New() in favour of just setting the public var. Added Reconnect() function. Bug fix in Query() causing panic for error packet responses. Added a number of examples.

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