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C++ Compile Health Watchdog

Benchmark and accountability tool for C++ compile-time overhead / compile-time health.

Results are hosted at


./ some_directory

This will create a compile-health-data.json in some_directory (along with a jobs file, a cache, and project files).


You are welcome to contribute by PR (really awesome persons) or via issues (just normal awesome persons).

Github or Gitlab based projects can be easily added if the headers/sources individually compile without build system. A simple setup has a project.json like this:

    "type": "github",
    "url": "",
    "working_dir": "include",
    "files": [
    "versions": [

Please test your PRs locally by at least running the following command on a Linux (preferably Ubuntu/Debian/Mint) machine:

./ tmp -p your_new_project -c 1
  • tmp is the directory used for storing sources, the cache, and the result json
  • -p your_new_project means that only your project is getting benchmarked
  • -c 1 is optional and means that only one configuration (e.g. gcc-Debug-C++11) is tested

(I will run merged PRs on my machine and push the results to

Tip A: you can view custom compile-health-data.json on the website.

Tip B: the versions are just git references, thus a commit sha also works. You can compare two commits by setting them as versions and then run generate-data with -p your_project and view the data on the website.


This project consists of three scripts:

  • takes a single include and analyzes it (timings, binary size, LoC, ...)
  • defines all the configurations that should be tested
  • takes a list of jobs and calls analyze-file for all jobs that were not found in the cache

Finally, there is which executes generate-jobs followed by execute-jobs.

Roadmap / TODO

Frontend (

  • filter by C++ version / build type / compiler
  • add custom data client-side (like in speedscope)
  • compress data.json and load 3rd party libs lazily
  • on mobile, show table fullscreen and have extra text as overlay/hamburger menu, fix the horizontal scrolling of group headers
  • a "how to reproduce" option (test file + exact commands)

Backend (this repo):

  • add more 3rd party libraries
  • support for generate jobs from cmake
  • support for Windows
  • test different standard libraries (libc++ vs libstdc++)
  • get size of debug symbols (e.g. using strip -g)

Required Dependencies

For building all configured projects.

Ubuntu / Debian

sudo apt install \
libsuitesparse-dev \
libmetis-dev \

(I probably missed a few)


Benchmark and accountability tool for C++ compile-time overhead / compile-time health







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