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Lithogen is a static site generator for .Net. A "static site" is a website that contains only HTML, CSS, images and JavaScript. There is no back-end processor such as ASP or CGI, and as a consequence the resulting website can be served by any webserver - including Linux servers - and is typically small and fast compared to a website that needs a backend since there is no runtime overhead.

Lithogen is a program that can be run from the command line or it can be hooked into the standard Visual Studio build process.

Lithogen uses Razor as its view engine, but also ships with a copy of node.js which is used to compile assets (CSS, JavaScript) and npm which is used to run several aspects of the build.

Lithogen is usable out of the box, but is also very extensible: the build pipeline can be extended using either C# or node.

Try "Lithogen.exe --fullhelp" to see the full help, or read it here


  • Websites are based on the ASP.Net MVC folder structure, but using the HTML5 boilerplate project, which gives you a great starting point for building modern, mobile-friendly websites. HTML5 boilerplate also gives you jQuery, Modernizr and Normalize.css and Google Analytics.

  • Uses ServiceStack/Bundler to compile, minify and combine your less, sass, stylus, css, coffeescript, livescript and js files.

  • Ships with a working copy of node.exe and npm, making it easy to extend the build process with node modules.